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17 Mar

For a long time i was under the impression that writing about your own life on your own blog was sad. I mean why would anybody else be interested in my life?

But today i have realized it’s not so much for others that people put up their personal things on a public domain but for their own selves. A lot of people like me are away from their loved ones, and when you come at a point in life when you so require a comforting hand on ur shoulder or just a hug, saying i’m there for you child, you become so helpless and restless, that this is the only medium available to let off d steam.

I have always felt that God puts me at such crossroads in life where taking a step towards any path or direction seems to be impossible. Well if not impossible, it does not seem to be in my control to say the least.

I am at such a crossroad in life ryte now, and although it may seem like a very trivial matter to be talking about to some, for me it falls into a life changing category.

What is it? Well, for starters, the client that i was working for in my company, does not require so many ppl in one project anymore pertaining to “the thing that must not be named” ( for all d tubelights out der…… recession… dumbo….. i’m so tired of that word, so ….. whatever, this bracket is getting way too long now 😉 ). My manager has assured to get me another project maybe an onsite opportunity ( hush hush…… i’m not supposed to talk about it….. oops i already did lolz). And all this while i was thinking of resigning if i would get into a good (just “good” ok…. nope i’m not IIM material….. didn’t even take d big fat CAT he he). But now all of a sudden MBA seems to be “not so important”, and i dont wanna leave my job.

So it’s like i’m standing at this junction where i’m just waiting to be pushed into a particular direction, so that i don’t have to take d pains to take a decision on my own…. i just can’t you see……

Anyway, i think this is quite a lot for now. Let’s see when i can muster up the courage to write about me again.

In the meanwhile, just pray for me ppl (if der are any who read dis crap 😉 )

Ok gotta go…… Thinking of spending the whole day playing Clickomania, so i can fill up d high score list with my name and make d imaginary Danny who is currently leading ( Who d hell is Danny???? Kya pata yaar….. Whatever)