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Reality Shows, Do We Really Need Them?

15 Oct

I happen to be one of the many people who watch television as a hobby, and I have been noticing the percentage of rise in reality shows on Indian Channels

My question would be do we really gain anything from these shows??

It all started off with Indian Idol, and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and the likes, where the junta had to vote for a particular contestant. So the basic idea is send in hundreds of text messages at “Special rates” for the contestant you like and make him/her win. But what do you get? Certainly not the prize money.

Then there is this dance fever kinda shows where again you make a celebrity couple win. But don’t they make enough moolah out of Saas Bahu Saga’s that we have to help them make more of it??

Laughter Challenge was a comparatively good idea, but it got boring with its sequels 2 and now 3, with Shatrughan Sinha. So the contestants at least have a common joke to crack where they can say “KHAMOSH” a zillion times, and yes no one will ever know why Navjot Singh Sidhhu has huge fits of laughter at such lame effort of a joke.

Coming to the vast range of Game Shows, promising big money for a very small number of “Simple” or should I say Aasaan Sawaal. The questions sure are simple as promised but what I usually wonder is why don’t the contestans know these answers?? I mean if you area B.E or a 12th class student wouldn’t you know the colour of ruby?? Or else you are really not Smarter that a Panchhvi Pass.

Kaun Banega Karodpati had a class till Mr. Amitabh Bachhan was hosting it, but as if it was a race of some sort the whole of the Film industry started rushing into television with the most stupid game Shows ever. The latest one being “Dus ka Dum”.

The Younger crowd is usually busy watching some serious crap on channels like Mtv and Channel V.  According to me I guess all the contestants of shows like Mtv Roadies or Get Gorgeous or Splitsvilla, get paid to curse and swear as much as they can. Is this the only aim left for 17 -18 year old girls to show how apt they are for a particular guy, or to be precise how amazing their figure is?

Media barons may often argue that this is what sells, but is this the level that they have to stoop down to, in pursuit of higher TRP’s?