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3 Idiots (5 Stars :) )

25 Dec

Yes my Blog is breathing again. Amir Khan made me do it. Well not literally…..

Here i am at 1:12AM in the night just back from watching the paid premier of 3 Idiots a movie which i was reluctant to watch at first for the simple reason that movies made out of novels are always a big disappointment. And considering the fact that i didn’t like the book also did nothing to help.

But as it turns out I was completely taken by surprise. The movie was nothing like the book, yes parts very tiny ones at that were, but that was about the closest it could get. I bet Chetan Bhagat might be disappointed to see so less taken out of his book (don’t know why it kinda gives me a sadistic pleasure …. chuckle 😉 )

This movie is guaranteed to remind every person in India who has ever been in an engineering college, lived in a hostel, written a journal, or turned up with a hangover in class, what those days were like. It is sure to raise one hell of a wave of nostalgia, in the lakhs of engineers turned MBA’s working in a foreign bank (People who watch the movie will understand the purpose of this sentence)

Yes there are points in the movie where it seems like a bit of a stretch to the real world, but i have sort of made my peace with the Bollywood style of exaggeration, and don’t mind it at all. The best part about the movie is that although the motive of the movie is a serious one, but is explained or rather depicted by all the characters in such a mild, witty kind of a way, that it hardly feels like it.

It would be totally wrong for me to comment on screenplay, editing and all the other technicalities, and so i will sum it up in simple words (another sentence from the movie)… Aamir khan—awesome as usual, R Madhavan – does justice to his character looks cute too, Sharman Joshi- Funny and intelligent acting, Kareena Kapoor- i’m happy her character is almost like in Jab We Met, Boman Irani – marvellous. One thing is for sure, Indian Cinema is changing and so are the audiences….

So go watch it, with ur friends, with ur parents… i loved it, hope u do too 🙂


Of Novels and Movies

16 May

 I am an avid reader of fiction novels. (Nothing amazing about that I know) Its like I cant sleep without reading something, and my Mom is the one to be completely blamed for this 😉 . Well actually I’m thankful to her, coz she was the one to introduce me to this wonderful and enchanting world of books. These books transport you to a world which is hitherto unknown to you, and I have always marveled at the skill that writers have to describe each and every thing in a book with such great detail that you can actually feel and see it.

 But I have always had a slight grudge against people who make movies out of novels. I mean it is always so convenient, pick up a novel, give the writer loads of money and make a movie out of it. Just saves the producer all the work that goes into actually thinking about the story, writing a script etc. It’s all virtually served in a platter in the form of a novel.

 The most recent transition I’ve seen of a novel to a movie as Twilight. I generally don’t read love stories for the simple fact that they are unbelievably surreal. But Twilight was different, although being a vampire story, I could still connect with the character of Bella Swan. Seeing the movie was like a slap on the face of my imagination. None of the characters could do justice to what Stephanie Meyer has portrayed them to be, especially the main characters Bella and Edward Cullen. The book is written in first person from Bella’s perspective, and the movie has cut out so many vital aspects of Bella’s emotions that a person who has not read the book would find it absolutely boring.

 Another disappointment was The Da Vinci Code. Yes lots of people appreciated the movie, but I’m sure very few of them would have read the book. Because the book is much more fast paced than the movie, and they had to actually skip important parts from the book, so as to cram it in 2 to 3 hours. Also Tom Hanks could not be imagined as Robert Langdon, as is the opinion of Aditi my very good friend.

 The only movie that did any amount of justice to its book was Godfather, and people who have read the book and seen the movie would be nodding in approval right now 😉

 So I just feel making movies out of novels should be banned or something, even in India ( remember Hello aka One night at the Call center, and ya 3 Idiots on Five point someone, I’m so not looking forward to it 😉  )

 What do ya think ppl?????


29 Dec

Move over Shahrukh Khan and Six Packs people. Eight packs is the in thing. Despite the initial reluctance and the “revealed” story of Gajhini circulating on the internet, I mustered up the courage to watch it.


Although it is a remake of a Tamil movie but the plot is nevertheless interesting. How would you feel if your memory would only last for 15minutes? There are so many mundane everyday tasks that we don’t even think twice about. But how would you feel if you forgot who your friends were or family or where you live? Terrible isn’t it? Well that’s what Aamir Khan has portrayed.


Even in the parts of the movie when he hasn’t lost his memory he does not cease to please. Wearing pink T-shirts, unbuttoned shirts, Khaki trousers, mohawks, singing in the middle of the desert he looks anything but some lanky actor on a steroid overdose and lagging skin(You Know who…. )


His co-star Asin Thottumkal also looks equally charming and does justice to her character of a girl next door with her eyes sparkling with dreams of a better future.


Jiah Khan’s role in the movie is a bit uncalled for and seems to be nothing more than a filler, and we all know of her acting skills don’t we?

All the other actors have also portrayed their characters well.


The only downside movie might be it’s the length of the reel. It gets a bit stretched, although I didn’t realize it till I had a look at my watch after the movie got over that it was three and a half hours since I had entered the hall


So my final verdict would be it’s definitely a one time watch.