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2 Feb

As she got off from the bus, a small flicker of hope, as if rising from her heart swept all over her.


Like always she looked around, her eyes scanning the area. Like everyday she wished, and wished hard.


She always looked for him every single day when she got off from the bus. It was as if she silently prayed that some sort of miracle would happen and he would appear right out of thin air. And she would go running to him no caring about anything around and he would sweep her in his strong arms and take her away with her.


But today was gong to be no different than every other day. He was not to be seen anywhere, and she reluctantly with a heavy heart crossed the all familiar gate and went inside the building.


This procedure was repeated every evening while going back in the same old boring bus that took her home. She looked around, and he was not there.


But it was this faint feeling of hope which arose in her heart everyday that carried her through the whole day and then through the whole night to the next day. As if the sole purpose of her existence was the hope to see him, the man she loved the most in her life.


“I know he’ll come tomorrow”, she tried to convince herself knowing all too well that the chances of her hope getting shattered were more than even the chances of the sun rising in the west.


But her mother had taught her, that it was only relying on hope that the whole world moved on, and that it was all she had, to keep her going.


She had sworn to herself to not let her mother down and went on working harder than ever, secretly wishing that God would be pleased with her perseverance and give her what she wanted. She also prayed that the war would end soon and she could see him again.


It was on a typical rainy day in July that her prayers were finally answered. She got off her bus and for the first time didn’t look around for him as the rain was increasing by the second. She trotted on the stone footpath cleverly avoiding the potholes full of dirty water, when her she cast a sideways glance at the road ahead.


At first she didn’t notice, but at a second glance she realized that it was actually him. She stood still for a moment for the sight to sink in and then she ran….. She ran as if all her life depended on it…….. And he swept her in his arms just like she had imagined, not caring about the curious onlookers, and whispered softly in his ears……


“Let’s go home daddy!!!!”