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In Vino Veritas (Truth in Wine)

16 Jul

Jason is back again with his Short Fiction Contest. And it gets harder this time around. Although the world limit has thankfully remained the same(250 or less), the picture makes you think hard.

Check it out.


Here’s my take on the picture. I know it’s not a very creative peice, but i tried my best. Maybe sometime later i will come up with a better one.


The Misgiving


“Honey, I’m home!!!”

Mariah? Honey???

“Oh! There you are. I brought your favorite bottle of wine baby”

“What’s the occasion?” She said frowning.

“We are together, and that’s reason enough to celebrate, isn’t it darling??”

“Okay, if you say so”

What a liar. I can smell her perfume on his shirt.

“So how was your day?”

He was sounding so unlike himself.

“Umm…. The usual”

“Well I had a pretty good day. I’m getting promoted next month. Todd says once we are through with the Zeta deal, it’s just a matter of days.”

 “Oh well congratulations then. I’m happy for you” this sounded so unconvincing and shallow even to her.

 “You didn’t get the wine sweetie??”

 “No I kept it for later, let’s have it on the patio after dinner”

 “As you say baby”

 He was waiting on the deck, thinking about Mariah, and how happy she made him. She seemed a bit off colour today.

Well that would change in a while, he thought, a faint smile appearing on his face.

She took the bottle from the kitchenette, and crept her way to the terrace.

“Hey!!… I …… Ahhhhhhh!!!!!”

He fainted, blood oozing out of his head.

“You think you’ll cheat on me and I’ll never get to know? You scoundrel!!!” she screamed and pushed him down the verandah.

The ring gleamed with all its brilliance midst broken glass and the wine on the floor.


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And it Rains in Mumbai!!!

6 Jul

Its raining…………. Nah not men….. It’s just raining. You might think cats and dogs, so clichéd. Its raining elephants!!!!

 I had a first hand experience of the phenomenon called “Mumbai Rains” a few days ago. Why do I call it a phenomenon? Well, you’ll have to see it for yourself, but picture this:

A hundred or so people on a road not wider than your living room coupled with 20 Auto rickshaws, 3 BEST buses, and not to mention the roadside thela’s selling everything ranging from bhajia and cutting chai to china made mobile phones. Oh! and did I mention a heavy rainfall? And as if that was not enough the road was flooding already with ankle or in some places knee deep water.

 As me and my friend made way through the running water trying to guess where the pot holes might be, a weird sense of belongingness swept through me. It seemed as though after a year of living in this city I had finally become one with it. Within minutes I had started ranting about how bad the rain was and the drainage and the system and the MET department and the likes. I also managed to argue with an auto rickshaw wallah, for the reason that he would prefer to stretch his legs and sleep in his auto rather than taking some helpless drenched girl to her destination.

 Just then a girl my age taps me on my shoulder and says “Hey there’s no point. Where do u wanna go?”  “Rajawadi”, I said, some drops of water going into my mouth as I said that 🙂 “Ok we’ll go together” she ordered, and I just meekly trotted behind her.

 It seemed so funny that when the whether was hot everybody wanted the rains to come. And as soon as the heavens opened up, well……. “Why does it rain so much here? I wonder when will it stop??” If nothing else Mumbai can make teach you irony. 😉

 Yes, Mumbai is a city where you can get poked in the eye by the umbrella of a passerby, curse the system a zillion times, get stuck in jams, fight with commuters of locals for one centimeter of space, which actually is not even enough to accommodate half your … ahem behind 😉 , talk to complete strangers as if they were always your friends and go to Bandra – Worli Sea link at 12 in the night just to turn back because of the traffic jam caused by all the people who want to experience it before the toll booth gets operative. Lol 😉

 But in spite of the potholes, the rains, the humidity, the crowds……. Yeh Mumbai hai mere yaaarrrrr…………. And I’m proude to be a Mumbaikar. 🙂