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10 Apr

She wanted men to desire her, want her. Her boyfriend’s best friend, her ex-boyfriend; even though they had fallen out of love a long time ago.

She wanted to know what men thought when they looked at her. Were they staring at her even when she turned her back towards them, longing for her to turn around?

Would they write poems for her, and sing songs outside her balcony like in the movies? Would they fight for her like antelopes did for the female’s attention? She sure wanted them to do all that and more.

“That girl is checking you out” she said to her boyfriend sitting across the restaurant table. He turned around, “Not my type”. He smirked.

She was hoping he would do the same for her, but he never did. He was too busy being pleased with himself, to even notice her, leave alone noticing anyone noticing her.

She kept up a constant stream of compliments throughout dinner that day, but he didn’t budge.

It made her all the more desperate.

That night they made love, like never before. Of course he was ecstatic with all the compliments, and what better way to celebrate.

They sat smoking in bed, not talking as usual, and cuddling was out of the question.

“What if I was super ugly?”

No answer

“If I was fat or had a scar right across my face?”

“You don’t babe”

‘Babe’ was a first.

“So does that mean that we are here coz I’m not super ugly?”

“Oh wait that could mean I am a little bit ugly.. hmmmpphh”

“Oh please stop it with your word games”

He got up and left the room. She heard the TV 5 seconds later.

It was time, she knew; time for a change. There was no love left here.

She got dressed, stuffed her things in her bag. Without a word she kept his spare key and zippo on the coffee table and left. If he didn’t get it with the spare key, the returned zippo would surely deliver the message.

She just wished she didn’t have to deal with the “he is my ex” part. She wished she had no ex’s. That ,there was a better way to know who was right for her without getting involved.

She wouldn’t be alone for a long time, she convinced herself.

And she wasn’t. This guy would be perfect.

“I love it that you have broad shoulders” she said going back to her old tactics, with the new guy.

“Thank you. Your shoulders are pretty great too”

“Pretty great isn’t gonna cut it now, is it?

She was outraged at the lack of courtesy in the world. She smashed the glass of scotch in her hand.

“What is the matter with you?” he didn’t know whether to be shocked or scared


She woke up to a weirdly plain looking ceiling. She could not move her head, not even her hands and legs. She starched her eyes to look down and all she could see was a blue robe and a lot of blood stained bandages.

Her hands and feet were wrinkled. Did she have a disease? Was she dying? Where was the new guy?

Just then someone entered the room, and before she could say anything she fell off to sleep again.

This time when she woke up she could move her head around. The calendar on the wall said January 4th 2035. She got up, remembering where she was. It was time for her carom game with the “new-old” guy, as she liked to call him.

The institution had changed many things, but she still wanted men to desire her. They were still staring even when she turned her back. She knew it.



2 Feb

As she got off from the bus, a small flicker of hope, as if rising from her heart swept all over her.


Like always she looked around, her eyes scanning the area. Like everyday she wished, and wished hard.


She always looked for him every single day when she got off from the bus. It was as if she silently prayed that some sort of miracle would happen and he would appear right out of thin air. And she would go running to him no caring about anything around and he would sweep her in his strong arms and take her away with her.


But today was gong to be no different than every other day. He was not to be seen anywhere, and she reluctantly with a heavy heart crossed the all familiar gate and went inside the building.


This procedure was repeated every evening while going back in the same old boring bus that took her home. She looked around, and he was not there.


But it was this faint feeling of hope which arose in her heart everyday that carried her through the whole day and then through the whole night to the next day. As if the sole purpose of her existence was the hope to see him, the man she loved the most in her life.


“I know he’ll come tomorrow”, she tried to convince herself knowing all too well that the chances of her hope getting shattered were more than even the chances of the sun rising in the west.


But her mother had taught her, that it was only relying on hope that the whole world moved on, and that it was all she had, to keep her going.


She had sworn to herself to not let her mother down and went on working harder than ever, secretly wishing that God would be pleased with her perseverance and give her what she wanted. She also prayed that the war would end soon and she could see him again.


It was on a typical rainy day in July that her prayers were finally answered. She got off her bus and for the first time didn’t look around for him as the rain was increasing by the second. She trotted on the stone footpath cleverly avoiding the potholes full of dirty water, when her she cast a sideways glance at the road ahead.


At first she didn’t notice, but at a second glance she realized that it was actually him. She stood still for a moment for the sight to sink in and then she ran….. She ran as if all her life depended on it…….. And he swept her in his arms just like she had imagined, not caring about the curious onlookers, and whispered softly in his ears……


“Let’s go home daddy!!!!”