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29 Dec

Move over Shahrukh Khan and Six Packs people. Eight packs is the in thing. Despite the initial reluctance and the “revealed” story of Gajhini circulating on the internet, I mustered up the courage to watch it.


Although it is a remake of a Tamil movie but the plot is nevertheless interesting. How would you feel if your memory would only last for 15minutes? There are so many mundane everyday tasks that we don’t even think twice about. But how would you feel if you forgot who your friends were or family or where you live? Terrible isn’t it? Well that’s what Aamir Khan has portrayed.


Even in the parts of the movie when he hasn’t lost his memory he does not cease to please. Wearing pink T-shirts, unbuttoned shirts, Khaki trousers, mohawks, singing in the middle of the desert he looks anything but some lanky actor on a steroid overdose and lagging skin(You Know who…. )


His co-star Asin Thottumkal also looks equally charming and does justice to her character of a girl next door with her eyes sparkling with dreams of a better future.


Jiah Khan’s role in the movie is a bit uncalled for and seems to be nothing more than a filler, and we all know of her acting skills don’t we?

All the other actors have also portrayed their characters well.


The only downside movie might be it’s the length of the reel. It gets a bit stretched, although I didn’t realize it till I had a look at my watch after the movie got over that it was three and a half hours since I had entered the hall


So my final verdict would be it’s definitely a one time watch.