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Who needs a Title

4 Dec

Ok so i haven’t written anything in a long long time. Why? I don’t know myself. One of the reasons is , i have a plethora of thoughts going through my head ( who doesn’t? ) … stories i have made up, about my future, about politics, about family, office… and when i sit down to write something… poof!!!! They just vanish in thin air. Sometimes i feel there should be this magic pen following me everywhere and writing down all my thoughts (especially amazing stories) as they come in my mind. That way at least i won’t have to sit and think… oh! what was that thing i had thought about 2 days ago???

I know it sounds like something out of a Harry Potter novel, and makes me look lazy at the same time, but being in the IT industry for 16 months makes you more than lazy… it makes u lethargic to say the least, and that’s one of the overheads. But who the hell is complaining??? I kinda like lazy… always have been. And besides if i get a little money at the end of every month just for being myself, i think i have the best job in the world. 😉

One of my friends used to tell me… Oh! so someone is suffering from “writer’s block”, and in a moment i would be all smirking and happy thinking i had a kind of symptom like some great writers of the world, not that i am one but i like to think of myself that way.

Anyways getting back to my present life. It hasn’t been any less boring than some superbly useless chain mails flooding my inbox everyday. I mean seriously what is the whole point of sending a Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening email every single day to a bunch of people, half of whom you really don’t care about? How many of us (if we did not have the privilege of Microsoft Outlook and free internet access) would actually care to wish those people Good Morning or have a nice day? Just cut the crap people and for a change WRITE (don’t copy paste) me an email once in a while. (now i guess u have a hang of my situation)

The one high point in the last two weeks has only been solving Kluless4. Yess yess i did solve it, of course not alone… and ya i even used some hints ( read direct answers ) from the internet. Nothing wrong with that…. those guys tell you to make as much use of the internet as possible…. Just following the instructions you see 😉 But really the kind of satisfaction you get after solving each level, is nothing like i have ever experienced before… So try it if you haven’t…. and if u already have….. i think i was the last one left…..

Oh no Oh no…. writers block again!!!!! Memory lapse…. forgetting stuff……. its vanishing….!!!!!!

OK I’m just kidding….. Gotta go…… !!