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B+… Really????

24 Dec

What does it really take to be a good person?? How would I know… am i a good person at all??

Sounds pessimistic doesn’t it? Well yes it is, and yes it’s my inner self talking to me. Have i really become a big time pessimist? Do i always see the half empty glass? As a matter of fact yes i do, and its intensity has increased to the level that i can’t even see a glass anymore.

Some of you will stop reading after this point thinking why should i bother about her problems? i got issues of my own u see….

But the fact is sometimes we are more apt at listening to and solving other people’s issues than our own. i think all human beings have this tendency to be didactic when it comes to someone else’s woes.

Anyways, the reason for writing this post is mainly because of this one thing that the whole world seems to be talking about and that is the term called “positive thinking”

Frankly i do not understand the concept of positive thinking at all. Numerous people have written books about it, made money out of teaching people how to use it and even made documentaries giving examples of people becoming rich just by having a positive approach to life (The Secret by Rhonda Byrne) Some of you might call me a cynic, but no i am not. I totally believe in being positive. But what is difficult is to be positive ALL the time.

I don’t think any person ever has been able to achieve that. I mean what do u do when you have nowhere to go. What do u do when u are confused as hell about your life. What do u do when nothing seems to be working out the way you had planned, what do you do when nothing is going right? Do these problems somehow magically get solved themselves merely by keeping a positive attitude?

Many of you might argue saying it’s not just a positive attitude, but a number of other things, like patience that play a role in a successful life. But really how much patience is enough patience. How much determination how much self confidence or positive attitude is just about enough to get you where you want??

There are times when i just want to curl up in my bed switch off my cell phone, stop the wall clock, and just show my back to the world and be free of all the obligations and responsibilities.