Marked Price

8 Dec

Post for Aniket’s prompt# 15


He lit up another cigarette, just to procrastinate going inside the house, in spite of the bitter cold weather.

 “I see you still haven’t given up smoking”

 He took his first look at her after five years.

 “I’m going to quit, soon” he responded, throwing the half finished cigarette on the ground.

 “I’ve heard that before” she said a hint of mockery in her tone. “Come on in, its freezing outside”

 “Why don’t you go ahead I’ll join you” he said faking a smile.

 As the front door closed, memories from five years ago came flooding to his mind. Memories he thought he had buried so deep that they would never come back.

 The image of him and her, so close, intertwined. Her body so supple, so soft. She still looked stunning like she did then.  He tried to get rid of those images, but how could he when he was standing at the same place he did 5 years ago; by that shattered window. How in the world could he allow himself to repeat the same mistake twice?

 With a shiver in his spine he entered the house. It was a relief from the cold outside.

 He looked around the house, nothing had changed. The old lamp by the sofa, the wall clock that never chimed, the torn ugly rug. He remembered wondering how such a stunning looking woman survived in a place like this when he was here before.

 “I see you haven’t changed furniture”, he said mimicking her tone.

 “Well, I can barely make the rent, where do you think I can get the money for new furniture?” she responded walking in with a teapot and two dissimilar cups.

 He remembered how she had almost hit him with the same teacup in a silly argument they were having. That explained just the one cup with that horrible flowery design.

 “Would you like some cookies?”

 He snapped out of his reverie and saw the soft loving look on her face.

 “Ok that’s it! Drop the facade Maggie, cut to the chase. You didn’t call me here to have a friendly cup of tea. What is it now that you want out of me after so many years?”

 “You do know me very well Mark. I’ll get to the point then” and she sighed loudly her chest heaving.

 “I’m pregnant”

 “So what? We separated 5 years ago Maggie, I don’t really care”

 “Oh! yes you will care Mark, after I tell you who the father is”

 “And why would you think that?”

 “It’s your son David”

 “This is preposterous, my son is in Harvard getting a law degree, there is no way in the world that that’s possible. If you are looking for a way to shell more money out of me , fine I’ll write u a cheque,  a big one to keep your shitty mouth shut, and I don’t want to hear from you gain”

 “Oh yes I want money, but not keep my mouth shut, but to keep the child Mark, so you better start listening to me, or you’ll be sorry”

 “So you are threatening me now. And why do you think I would believe that you want to keep the baby all of a sudden. Doesn’t it mean it’s the end of your “career” if I may?” he said quoting in air.

 “Oh! My career may not be as glamorous as the judge of the High Court, but let me tell you, you were once the puppet of this lady here and now so is your son.

 Think about it; Mark Scott, Judge of the high court, has had a relationship with a “hooker” and now his son is involved with her too. Headlines for tomorrows newspaper eh?”

 Mark broke into sweat. All he wanted to do was to bury this woman so deep that she would never be able to mess with his life anymore. And now his son was stupid enough to get involved with the same woman. It was important to keep calm now.

 “Alright I need proof that you are pregnant and that my son is the father, and I will write you a cheque that will cover your expenses. But you would not contact me or my son after this is it clear”

 “You are a true lawyer aren’t you? Here are the reports.”

 Mark left that place shattered, frustrated and angry at his son.


“So how is the preparation for the bar exam coming up?”

 “I’ll be honest dad I have a lot of cramming to do”, David said with a smirk.

 Mark couldn’t help but thinking how his smart, intelligent son who always had his head on his shoulders fall to such a level. Like father like son didn’t seem like so much of an irony didn’t it?

 “Dad.. Dad? You seem lost”

“Hey listen, I’ve got to talk to you about something”

 “Sure anything dad”

 He thought for a minute about how his doctor had confirmed that all the reports were genuine. He didn’t want his son to be embarrassed.

 “Oh well it can wait son.”

 David left the house thinking about his fathers’ behavior tonight.

 That night Mark wrote a cheque in the name of Maggie Peters.


“We are rich Tony, so so rich” Maggie slurred.

 She is a bit too drunk. Tony thought.

 “Yes we are my dear. Let’s move this party to my bedroom shall we?” he asked with a smirk.

 “Yes we shall Dr. Tony Atkinson, M.D. , PhD and the judges best friend!!!”


4 Responses to “Marked Price”

  1. Adi December 14, 2010 at 7:58 pm #


    Good to c the twists back 🙂 Love the snowy theme, no doubt bcos its snowing there ain’t it?

    • Amrita December 14, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

      Thanks for the comment adi.
      and yes it’s snowing!!

  2. Shradha Drolia December 30, 2010 at 10:17 am #

    Hey Amrita…it seems you have become a Pro…already…very nice…I liked it…:)

    • Amrita December 31, 2010 at 6:04 am #

      thanks a lot for stopping by Shradha. i’m glad you liked it..

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