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Of Researches and Studies

11 Apr

I’m sick of these researches and studies. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just turn to page 15, the section called “TIMES TRENDS” of TOI, (I read the Mumbai edition). It might be one or two pages here and there, but it’s hard to miss considering the negativity of the title of any article.


I’m not an extremely regular reader of newspapers but whenever I do I read only the Times of India. And lately or I’d rather say from a ‘long lately’ (I know I know thats incorrect English for a TOI reader) these researchers ands their bizarre topics to conduct studies on is bothering me a lot. Why? Here are some examples:


“Tuesday 11.45am is the most stressful time.”

British researches surely have a very very un-stressful work schedule to study about what other people feel is the most stressful day or rather time of the week. I mean what the heck were they thinking when they came upon this weird idea for a research? For me every minute that I spend working is stressful, and really if I were asked this question as were 300 people in London, on my normal working hours, what according to me was the most stressful day of the week, would I have time to think about that, leave answering that question? And quite funnily this article ran on 7th April a Tuesday.


“Promotion can be bad for your health finds study”

This is real promising I must say. What with the appraisal season going on and Infosys sacking 2100 employees for bad performance, I should consider myself lucky if I get sacked. Is that what they mean?


“Children may spell end to happily ever after”

There was a nice little photo of a cute couple with the tagline saying “Till kids do us apart”

According to this buncha researchers, children were directly or indirectly responsible for the decreasing romance between a couple. So if u wanna keep the romance alive, “Say no to children” cool huh?


“Humans could evolve into all-new species”

This ran on the same page as the earlier article. Quite ironically this article suggests that humans are evolving faster that ever in the last 10,000 or so years and pollution and radiation could be hastening the process even more. So u should plan on having kids early lest you want them to be of a completely new species which cannot mate with their own kind i.e Homo-sapiens.


“Danger lurking in your multivitamin”

Now what do I say about this one. There were some awfully long names of chemicals involved in this one, so I spare you the effort of understanding it, ad me for typing it he he.


“Cell phones have deadly bacteria”

Now this one is not exactly the title of the article since I remember it out of memory having read it a couple of days back. But it said that doctors and nurses have this deadly bacteria on their cell phones which can cause some awfully deadly diseases. Also if you are admitted to a hospital your cell phone could catch it too. So the next time you visit a clinic or a hospital don’t forget to dip your cell phones in disinfectant when you come home 😉


Well, you might have got my point reading all this, so I’ll just leave you with this beautiful picture of the earth which was taken by Chandrayaan- I. They wanted India at the centre of the picture. Beautiful isn’t it?


SARE JAHAN SE ACHA: The indigenous terrain mapping camera (TMC) on board  Chandrayaan-I clicked a picture of the earth, with a beautiful view of India at the centre, on March 25. Kiran Kumar, who is associated with the TMC project, said the mooncraft was at a distance of 4 lakh km from the earth when the planet’s image was captured. ‘We made sure that India was at the centre of the image,’ he said