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Gift for a Gift

21 Oct

When starting to write this, I had thought of writing an article about mothers, the most important woman in our lives. But I later realized that this topic was too vast for the greatest of literary geniuses in the world, so how could an unimportant blogger like me summarize it in the form of one post.

To give myself a head start to writing this I even looked up the meaning of the word mother in an online dictionary. I know it sounds weird given the fact that we always seem assume that we know the meaning of this word right from the time we were born. I found close to 15 definitions of the word, all in technical sense of course, but even that didn’t satisfy my personal definition of Mothers. I believe that the dictionary or the Web is too small a place to actually wholly describe what a wonderful creation of God, Women and Mothers are.

A few days ago I was trying to think of a suitable gift for my Mami (maternal aunt) as her Birthday was approaching. She has been more than a mother to me at times, and I wanted to make sure I can make her Birthday as special, as she makes each of my days, when I am with her.

I zeroed in on the idea of giving her a personalized Coffee Mug with her picture on it. So I was scrambling around the whole house trying to find all family albums. I had to do it in a very short amount of time so she could not come to know what I had in mind for her. I was very proud of myself for finding out all the albums I could, in record time. What I didn’t know was after an hour of browsing through them I did not find a single picture of her alone, but only pictures with Mama and her son or the whole of the family. It was after a long time of scanning and rescanning the pictures that I realized it was a vain effort to try and look for her picture.

That is when it hit me; a woman is not defined by what she is. The real definition of a woman is to be found only by looking at her family. A mother is only born after her child; till then she remains a woman. No matter how successful a woman is in her career, the most important stages of her life are when she becomes a Wife, a Daughter-in Law, a Mother, a Grandmother. She might be the CEO of a multinational company, with thousands of employees working under her, but she only feels safe with the warm cozy atmosphere of her family around her. She might be a political leader, a Lawyer fighting for giving punishment to a murderer, but when it comes to her own child she forgives him for all the mistakes he might have done. She even tends to ignore all her problems, when she is in her territory, and that is her home.

At the end of a day a woman is only satisfied if her family has eaten well, and her children are safely tucked into bed, even if she has to remain hungry, or be awake the whole night if someone is sick. That is when it dawned upon me that my Mami would be the happiest person if I gave her a gift which portrays her real image; her image as a wife and a mother. So I picked up the best family photo that I could find and decided to give her a glimpse of her own self in the Coffee Mug.