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Long time No C

26 Sep
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I think we’ll have to make that very long time no see….

I know i almost vanished from the whole blogging scene, make all you readers(assuming there are lots 😉 ) think i wasn’t as faithful to writing as u thought i was. It wasn’t my fault u see, the techies in office blocked all kind of bolgging related content, and lets be honest here ppl most of us blog in our free time in office. 🙂

But now i’m sure the next question u wud be asking is why did it take 2 months for me to get an internet connection at home?? Well yes part of me was too lazy too actually go to the reliance office to ask about the broadband service and the other part was too busy with work (i can see a lot of you saying… yeah right 😉 ). Anyways, it was not until i fell terribly sick on Wednesday that i was forced to take 3 days of leave from office that i could finally find the time to call the reliance guy and get things done. (Those of you who r wondering about forced leaves well, u get the point…. u don’t ok it was not at all forced, and i loved it ha ha.. )

So here i am back again, happy that my blog is breathing again, and i have this heavy weight lifted from my chest and i no longer feel guilty that i’m not faithful to my blog.

So i will try my best to write as much as possible and not give u guys another chance to complain.

See u around ppl…. 🙂