17 Mar

For a long time i was under the impression that writing about your own life on your own blog was sad. I mean why would anybody else be interested in my life?

But today i have realized it’s not so much for others that people put up their personal things on a public domain but for their own selves. A lot of people like me are away from their loved ones, and when you come at a point in life when you so require a comforting hand on ur shoulder or just a hug, saying i’m there for you child, you become so helpless and restless, that this is the only medium available to let off d steam.

I have always felt that God puts me at such crossroads in life where taking a step towards any path or direction seems to be impossible. Well if not impossible, it does not seem to be in my control to say the least.

I am at such a crossroad in life ryte now, and although it may seem like a very trivial matter to be talking about to some, for me it falls into a life changing category.

What is it? Well, for starters, the client that i was working for in my company, does not require so many ppl in one project anymore pertaining to “the thing that must not be named” ( for all d tubelights out der…… recession… dumbo….. i’m so tired of that word, so ….. whatever, this bracket is getting way too long now 😉 ). My manager has assured to get me another project maybe an onsite opportunity ( hush hush…… i’m not supposed to talk about it….. oops i already did lolz). And all this while i was thinking of resigning if i would get into a good (just “good” ok…. nope i’m not IIM material….. didn’t even take d big fat CAT he he). But now all of a sudden MBA seems to be “not so important”, and i dont wanna leave my job.

So it’s like i’m standing at this junction where i’m just waiting to be pushed into a particular direction, so that i don’t have to take d pains to take a decision on my own…. i just can’t you see……

Anyway, i think this is quite a lot for now. Let’s see when i can muster up the courage to write about me again.

In the meanwhile, just pray for me ppl (if der are any who read dis crap 😉 )

Ok gotta go…… Thinking of spending the whole day playing Clickomania, so i can fill up d high score list with my name and make d imaginary Danny who is currently leading ( Who d hell is Danny???? Kya pata yaar….. Whatever)



3 Responses to “Confused!!!!!”

  1. Aniket March 17, 2009 at 6:42 pm #

    Hey there, though I don’t know anyhing about you… but it seems similar situation prevails around the globe because of ‘it’ that must not be named! lolz! Though I am not getting a release from my current project (I sur hope so) but I am utterly unhappy with the kinda work am doing. (Pay and all is good… no issues there) but on-site opportunity is highly unlikely over the next couple of yrs (After my last trip.. They pulled back my L1 visa after filing it… because of you know what?? #%$^^@#)

    And so I have an offer to join FOX telivision studios but it’ll totally a change of profession, and an option to do MBA/MS or to stick with this job.

    MBA from outside is out of budjet… via CAT is out of scope! lolz. That leaves GRE.. so I’ve planned to give GRE get a good score for back-up and then try my hand at FOX to see if it works out. (This conclusion, I’ve reached by rigorous counselling with my sister and a couple of good friends). 🙂

    So I suggest ‘do-not-fall-for the on-site promises… they are mostly decieving.. If you love what you do… stick to it… else give CAT/GRE/CEED whatever… get a good score for backup (that’ll be valid for at least a couple of yrs) and then do what you truly love to do…

    I have realised I can’t do this work for the rest of my life… so am fighting for a change. See ‘Revolutionary Road’, it’ll revolutionize your thinking! 😛

    Hope we get through this quarterly life crisis soon! 🙂 🙂

  2. Monty March 18, 2009 at 12:22 pm #

    Gosh !! I didnt know that recession can be a blessing in disguise as well. For a natural reason, getting any sort of release from the project implies greater probability of being layed off…but an onsite oppertunity which even doesnt seem so probable in the boom times coming your way at such a crucial time is nevertheless a very good thing for your career. As a matter of fact MBA is a good college can wait for you may be in the form of next year but onsite wont…so go-for-it rather grab it if u get even a hint of it.

    This post of yours had a very jolly mood attached to it..keep writing.

    I very much agree to your thought on writing personal things on blog…i too had quite a few posts on blogging on my blog. Its not for someone to read. Its about making an effort to reach the world. And for an instance, had i not written many personal things on my blog, one of my cousins would have never known me better and would have never come up with her ideas, thought and problems. May be a coincidence that she landed up in my url and then it was all very different the way she looked upto me as a person.

    So keep writing with an open heart and mind..



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