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NEWS:”Some Achaar” to “All Masala”

4 Mar

“Kya aliens bhi doodh peete hain”

“Dekhiye kaise Gayoon ko kidnap kiya aliens ne”

You must have seen this type of unimaginable crap on a score of Hindi news channels.

I always swore by all the English news channels, thinking that at least they showed stuff that was genuine and what made a difference to the common man.

Yesterday all my beliefs went shattering down the drain. Why?

Consider this: “Shocking Similarity between 26/11 and attacks on Sri Lankan Team”

Tonight at 9pm only on Times Now.

‘Times Now’ was one news channel which I really appreciated, especially because of Aarnav Goswami.

Yesterday while catching up on the latest developments on the Sri Lankan team attack I came across this really amusing piece that they had created for the 9pm news.

According to Times Now, the method of attacks on 26/11 Mumbai CST and the attack on Sri Lankan Team was “shockingly similar”. ( Aaj tak would term it as “Bhayanak Sach” or something equally disgusting)

Point No 1: Both the attackers had backpacks full of explosives and bullet rounds. (Photographs with bright red circles highlighting the backpacks)

I have a backpack of the same style and colour…. Does that make me similar to the terrorists?

Point No 2: The attackers had the same type of arms (AK 47’s or 56’s.. I dunno) which Ajmal Kasab had. (More photographs with red circles)

The whole world knows that terrorist groups have more modern arms and guns than even the Indian police force. And besides if they didn’t have that they stood no chance of battling the security of the Sri Lankan team.

Point No 3: “Look at the shocking similarity in the way they approached, Surprise Attack, audacious approach….blah blah blah…..”

Didn’t it occur to anybody that to attack somebody u have to have an element of surprise. Even a small child for that matter knows that if he wants to scare his friend from behind a wall he has to do it quickly without being discovered. It is also shown on all the news channels how the terrorists are given military level of training. I’m sure the military curriculum has a chapter or two on “Surprise Attack”

Also the fact that the 26/11 attacks were so extensively shown on all the news channels even after weeks of it getting over. Pictures of Ajaml Kasab zoomed in and out a zillion times and details of each and every place that he might have shot, walked or even peed for that matter, that any person remotely trained would be able to learn how to attack a particular place and create maximum damage. I bet even Mr Sharukh Khan must not have got that much of publicity in such a short amount of time.

But the most disappointing thing was that “Good ” news stations are also resorting to such cheap ways to boost their TRP’s.

Is it time that the so called “24 hr Media” should introspect on their ways of broadcasting news, and stop publicizing the terrorists (which is exactly what they want)?