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The Plan contd…(Post no. 4)

12 May

“Wa……. What is it Max!!!????” Rick turned around.

 “Ha hahahahaha……… I gotcha”

 “You are a dead man…… I’m telling you…… this is not funny Max” Rick’s face was flushed red, with the anger or embarrassment Max couldn’t tell.

 “Oh! My God you should have looked at your face Rick” Max couldn’t even speak. “Ha ha …… Hey I’m Mr. Rick I’m scared of nothing” he was making faces imitating Rick now.

 “Hey look you wanna come in or just stand here laughing coz I’m going in……. Max??MAX!!!”

 “Yeah yeah I’m coming” Max said still trying to control himself from giggling.


The cemetery was cold, the earth was damp, and the only noise they could hear was the crickets.

 “Hey do you know which way is the grave we are looking for?” asked Max

 “Yes I know it, jut follow me ok…… and why are you whispering?” asked Rick, his face still red from the anger.Max would tell this to anyone who wanted to listen at school tomorrow.

“Damn!” he cursed under his breath, a bit too loudly.

 “What what??? Did u see anything?” Max was trembling

 “Nothing …. It’s nothing Ok” he was happy Max was his usual scared of everything self again, and he had the upper hand. It was very seldom that he let others take any kind of advantage over him. He hated that.

 “Ok I see it, there it is…… Mr. Matthew Rodriguez, March 1964- Feb 2009” Rick was pointing his flashlight on the tombstone.

 “You have the newspaper Max, don’t you??”

 “Yes I have it…… it’s right here…… A 45 year old attorney Mr. Matthew Rodriguez was fund dead in his house on 5th Park Avenue Memphis on 7th Feb 2009. The local police say it was a case of burglary gone sore, and are still investigating. Although the neighbors who were questioned by our correspondents say they never heard any noises on that night, and are sure there was no break-in in the house…….”

 “Here’s the interesting part” continued Max.

 “There was also no sign of any struggle as all the furniture was found intact….. Are the police trying to hush up the matter? This is the third case of such a mysterious death in this neighborhood. Is there a serial killer on the lose? Such are the questions the people are asking.”

“Hmmm…. So first it was big old Al, then it was Martha and now it’s Matt….. The funny thing is all of these people were loners” Ricky said with an investigative look on his face

 “Oh! That’s so smart Rick” Max said sarcastically hitting him on his head. “I’m sure the police must have figured that out way before you dude. Now do you wanna find out what the police don’t know or not. I’m freezing out here, let’s get this over with”

 “Ok, lets take out all our stuff and look this is the arrangement we gotta do” Ricky said flipping through the pages of a half torn book with yellowed pages and stopping at a page with a hexagonal arrangement of some sort.

“No mistakes alright”

Max started to arrange everything according to the drawing. First the candles, then the flowers and the paper with letters and numbers written on it.

“Let’s light the candles” Ricky said

“Are you sure Rick I’m starting to get a bit freaked out now” Max said looking around in the darkness. The only light was coming from the two flashlights. He took his flashlight and turned it around himself just to be sure no one was lurking in the dark. Just as Ricky was about to light the candles; Max’s flashlight went off.

“Hey why did you turn it off?”

“I didn’t, it went off on its own” Max said his voice cracking. He was desperately trying to switch it on.

“I just changed the batteries this morning; I don’t know what’s wrong??” He was banging the flashlight against the palm of his hand now. “Let’s get outta here Rick.”

“Oh! C’mon Max, it’s just a flashlight, these things happen man. Let’s start ok, I’ve lighted all the candles and I have to switch off my flashlight too”

“No no don’t do that” squealed Max

“Hey look its written in the book okay, no lights except for the candles. Don’t be a cry baby now Max”

 He did not like this at all. He wanted to go home and sleep in his bed. Why did he agree to this crap?

 They held hands, closed their eyes and started chanting the verse written in the book.

 “Oh troubled spirit, come enlighten us, we are with you, talk to us…….. Oh! Troubled spirit….”

 This went on for a couple of minutes, and max opened one of his eyes, just when Ricky did. He immediately smacked Max’s hand hard.

 “You are not supposed to open your eyes stupid”

 “Hey that’s not fair you opened yours too” protested Max

They continued to chant. Their voices were getting louder, and the wind was getting colder.

 A faint white light was starting to appear in the distance, and was steadily growing brighter.



 To be continued……. 🙂