The Target

30 Dec


“I know you love this chocolate, that’s why I bought it”


“Oh! Really…… that is so sweet of you”


“Hey, no need to get sarcastic lady, after your discussion with your girlfriends the other day about your favourite chocolates, I think even the driver of the bus knows you like this”


“Umm… well.. I’m a big chocolate freak you know and I can’t help but be loud…” she said every inch of her face turning red with embarrassment.


“Yes yes I know…. But aren’t all girls like that, squealing and jumping at the sight or even the mention of a chocolate??”


“Hey now that’s not fair… and do you want me to congratulate you for your shiny new bike or not??”


“That’s your wish sweetie”


“Don’t call me that, its cheesy…. Anyway Congratulations”


She hated the fact that he always made her blush in some way or the other. And all the endearments drove her crazy. Did he ever mean them or that was just his way to get around with girls??


“Oh forget it”, she said to herself. “He’s just too good to be true, must be a big time flirt.”


He was looking at her from the corner of his eye, and he could see, she was visibly affected by his remarks. He loved to catch her off guard. She looked beautiful when she blushed.



“Suspect is in close range to “Mickey”, all units on high alert, I repeat suspect is in close range to “Mickey”, all units requested to be on high alert”


“Roger that”


“Sir are we going to take him down?”


“No, you have to learn to be patient commander, we can’t just shoot him”


“I understand sir, but we do this routine everyday, are we really making any progress with it?”


“This is tedious and repetitive, but we are being paid millions just so we could nab the right person, do you really want to lose out on that?” the captain said with a slight smirk.


“Yeah well, I better give my orders now….. Alpha to tango… Alpha to tango”, the wireless crackled with the usual orders.



“Hey sweetie, going home eh? Hop on”


“How many times have I told you to not call me that Sid, it drives me crazy?”


“Hey c’mon now don’t be such a girl, don’t you want to pillion on my new “shiny” bike” he said enacting the double quotes.


“Yeah whatever, I anyways missed the bus so, at least saves me the money”


“Oh! You are one modest chick huh?”


“Shut up and drive Sid”


How he loved her smell when she was so close by. He adjusted the rear-view mirror, so that he could see her face, her hair talking with the wind.


She caught him stealing a glace at her, he looked away immediately.


“Do you mind looking at the road ahead; I would like to reach home alive”


“Don’t you worry babes; I will not let anything happen to you”


There he goes again, she thought.



“This is the daily report to Charlie: Target came in close contact today. Got to know the house, the address and the locality. Surroundings are good enough to start for the next step. Request for equipment delivery within 24 hours”


“Charlie to Bravo: Good work. Equipment will reach you by 12 noon tomorrow. Set it up fast. Move swiftly Finish the job till end of month”


The message ended with a loud crackling sound.


To be continued..



3 Idiots (5 Stars :) )

25 Dec

Yes my Blog is breathing again. Amir Khan made me do it. Well not literally…..

Here i am at 1:12AM in the night just back from watching the paid premier of 3 Idiots a movie which i was reluctant to watch at first for the simple reason that movies made out of novels are always a big disappointment. And considering the fact that i didn’t like the book also did nothing to help.

But as it turns out I was completely taken by surprise. The movie was nothing like the book, yes parts very tiny ones at that were, but that was about the closest it could get. I bet Chetan Bhagat might be disappointed to see so less taken out of his book (don’t know why it kinda gives me a sadistic pleasure …. chuckle 😉 )

This movie is guaranteed to remind every person in India who has ever been in an engineering college, lived in a hostel, written a journal, or turned up with a hangover in class, what those days were like. It is sure to raise one hell of a wave of nostalgia, in the lakhs of engineers turned MBA’s working in a foreign bank (People who watch the movie will understand the purpose of this sentence)

Yes there are points in the movie where it seems like a bit of a stretch to the real world, but i have sort of made my peace with the Bollywood style of exaggeration, and don’t mind it at all. The best part about the movie is that although the motive of the movie is a serious one, but is explained or rather depicted by all the characters in such a mild, witty kind of a way, that it hardly feels like it.

It would be totally wrong for me to comment on screenplay, editing and all the other technicalities, and so i will sum it up in simple words (another sentence from the movie)… Aamir khan—awesome as usual, R Madhavan – does justice to his character looks cute too, Sharman Joshi- Funny and intelligent acting, Kareena Kapoor- i’m happy her character is almost like in Jab We Met, Boman Irani – marvellous. One thing is for sure, Indian Cinema is changing and so are the audiences….

So go watch it, with ur friends, with ur parents… i loved it, hope u do too 🙂

Long time No C

26 Sep
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I think we’ll have to make that very long time no see….

I know i almost vanished from the whole blogging scene, make all you readers(assuming there are lots 😉 ) think i wasn’t as faithful to writing as u thought i was. It wasn’t my fault u see, the techies in office blocked all kind of bolgging related content, and lets be honest here ppl most of us blog in our free time in office. 🙂

But now i’m sure the next question u wud be asking is why did it take 2 months for me to get an internet connection at home?? Well yes part of me was too lazy too actually go to the reliance office to ask about the broadband service and the other part was too busy with work (i can see a lot of you saying… yeah right 😉 ). Anyways, it was not until i fell terribly sick on Wednesday that i was forced to take 3 days of leave from office that i could finally find the time to call the reliance guy and get things done. (Those of you who r wondering about forced leaves well, u get the point…. u don’t ok it was not at all forced, and i loved it ha ha.. )

So here i am back again, happy that my blog is breathing again, and i have this heavy weight lifted from my chest and i no longer feel guilty that i’m not faithful to my blog.

So i will try my best to write as much as possible and not give u guys another chance to complain.

See u around ppl…. 🙂

In Vino Veritas (Truth in Wine)

16 Jul

Jason is back again with his Short Fiction Contest. And it gets harder this time around. Although the world limit has thankfully remained the same(250 or less), the picture makes you think hard.

Check it out.


Here’s my take on the picture. I know it’s not a very creative peice, but i tried my best. Maybe sometime later i will come up with a better one.


The Misgiving


“Honey, I’m home!!!”

Mariah? Honey???

“Oh! There you are. I brought your favorite bottle of wine baby”

“What’s the occasion?” She said frowning.

“We are together, and that’s reason enough to celebrate, isn’t it darling??”

“Okay, if you say so”

What a liar. I can smell her perfume on his shirt.

“So how was your day?”

He was sounding so unlike himself.

“Umm…. The usual”

“Well I had a pretty good day. I’m getting promoted next month. Todd says once we are through with the Zeta deal, it’s just a matter of days.”

 “Oh well congratulations then. I’m happy for you” this sounded so unconvincing and shallow even to her.

 “You didn’t get the wine sweetie??”

 “No I kept it for later, let’s have it on the patio after dinner”

 “As you say baby”

 He was waiting on the deck, thinking about Mariah, and how happy she made him. She seemed a bit off colour today.

Well that would change in a while, he thought, a faint smile appearing on his face.

She took the bottle from the kitchenette, and crept her way to the terrace.

“Hey!!… I …… Ahhhhhhh!!!!!”

He fainted, blood oozing out of his head.

“You think you’ll cheat on me and I’ll never get to know? You scoundrel!!!” she screamed and pushed him down the verandah.

The ring gleamed with all its brilliance midst broken glass and the wine on the floor.


Even if you dont like mine you can check out the other entries here, and i’m sure you’ll be thankful. 🙂

So go on read… enjoy…. 🙂

And it Rains in Mumbai!!!

6 Jul

Its raining…………. Nah not men….. It’s just raining. You might think cats and dogs, so clichéd. Its raining elephants!!!!

 I had a first hand experience of the phenomenon called “Mumbai Rains” a few days ago. Why do I call it a phenomenon? Well, you’ll have to see it for yourself, but picture this:

A hundred or so people on a road not wider than your living room coupled with 20 Auto rickshaws, 3 BEST buses, and not to mention the roadside thela’s selling everything ranging from bhajia and cutting chai to china made mobile phones. Oh! and did I mention a heavy rainfall? And as if that was not enough the road was flooding already with ankle or in some places knee deep water.

 As me and my friend made way through the running water trying to guess where the pot holes might be, a weird sense of belongingness swept through me. It seemed as though after a year of living in this city I had finally become one with it. Within minutes I had started ranting about how bad the rain was and the drainage and the system and the MET department and the likes. I also managed to argue with an auto rickshaw wallah, for the reason that he would prefer to stretch his legs and sleep in his auto rather than taking some helpless drenched girl to her destination.

 Just then a girl my age taps me on my shoulder and says “Hey there’s no point. Where do u wanna go?”  “Rajawadi”, I said, some drops of water going into my mouth as I said that 🙂 “Ok we’ll go together” she ordered, and I just meekly trotted behind her.

 It seemed so funny that when the whether was hot everybody wanted the rains to come. And as soon as the heavens opened up, well……. “Why does it rain so much here? I wonder when will it stop??” If nothing else Mumbai can make teach you irony. 😉

 Yes, Mumbai is a city where you can get poked in the eye by the umbrella of a passerby, curse the system a zillion times, get stuck in jams, fight with commuters of locals for one centimeter of space, which actually is not even enough to accommodate half your … ahem behind 😉 , talk to complete strangers as if they were always your friends and go to Bandra – Worli Sea link at 12 in the night just to turn back because of the traffic jam caused by all the people who want to experience it before the toll booth gets operative. Lol 😉

 But in spite of the potholes, the rains, the humidity, the crowds……. Yeh Mumbai hai mere yaaarrrrr…………. And I’m proude to be a Mumbaikar. 🙂

I have been Tagged!!!

18 Jun

Yes yes you heard it right. I have been tagged for the first time ever, and by none other than Preeti Shenoy herself.

When at first I was relatively new to the blog world, I had no idea what being tagged was. (Yeah I know it’s kinda sad…. I’m a slow learner, cant help it 🙂 )

But lately I have been reading a lot and I mean a lot of blogs and I have understood that being tagged is no less than an award. It means people want to know you, people want to read your stuff (however bad you think it is), and most importantly people visit your blog and leave comments hee hee.

And to get tagged by Preeti is such an honour, trust me. I completely adore, and respect and loooooveee her blog….

Thanks a lot Preeti. 🙂

So here goes:

5 things I love about myself:

1. I love the fact that, I can manage to write some good if not great stuff, and that the counter on my blog increases day by day. It’s a real pleasure to know that people agree with you and like what you write.

 2. I love it that I get excited at the smallest pretext of any new thing to do. Be it going on a picnic, or buying a new pair of jeans, anything. My friends tell me that I’m just a 12 year old (or maybe 2 😉 ) in a 24 year olds’ body, and I like it that the child in me is still alive.

3. I love it that in some matters I am more level headed and practical than my elder sister. I don’t mean to brag here but four years of hostel life and then 2 years of living independently has taught me a lot. (Dips if you are reading this, please don’t get mad )

4. Call me boastful or whatever but I love the fact that I looove to read. And like most people who say reading is their hobby, well for me it’s more like an obsession. Just give me anything to read. If I don’t have a novel handy, I will read a newspaper, RD, or even Femina , Filmfare, (and cosmopolitan too 😉 ). But I just can’t live without reading. I also cannot gel with people who say “Uhhh! Who’s gonna read such a thick book. I don’t like reading” Although this thing I don’t exactly love, since you should always try and meet different kinds of people, but since this post is about knowing me more so…..

5. I love the fact that I’m not like a lot of typical girls. What do I mean by typical? Well, the kind that always have matching sandals and handkerchiefs, and eye shadows, and stuff. I love the fact that I have more guy friends that girls, and a lot of them are of the opinion that I should have been a guy. Coz somehow guys find it unusually natural to be their natural swearing, smoking, talking about some hot chick self in front of me. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love the colour pink, but I think thats about it, to the girly stuff that I have in me. (…pssst…. I got 0% in the How Girly are you quiz on Facebook 🙂 )

Phew…. This was a difficult one. It took me more time that writing a short story for Jason’s Contest.

Okay, now I guess I have to Tag some people: (Wait do I have to Tag 5 people or more, since this is about 5 things….. I told you I was an amateur still 😉 )

 I Tag:

 Aditi (I know you quite well, but still, wanna see how you write this one)

Jason (The one who comments here….. You can do it in my comment box if you don’t have a blog)

 Aniket (Want to know more about you)

 Sid (Since you comment regularly on my posts 🙂 )

 Gughanx (Want to know more about you too)

 Sameer (Since you love praising yourself, here’s one more chance 😉 )

 Caught Offside (Since I loved your latest story)

And the rest of you please feel free to do the tag in my comment box if you wish. Consider yourself tagged!!!!

This happens only in INDIA

5 Jun

Yesterday, I thought was just another mundane day. The same old job, the same people, and the same work. Little did I know I was going to be a witness to a mind numbing incident.

 I left at 5.30 from work yesterday, frustrated doing and redoing the same code a zillion times. As I was getting into my bus, I thought “Why is my life so boring, and regular? I want to do something exciting” I never thought god would fulfill my wish in such a dramatic and scary way.

Well the bus moved on as usual, and I tuned into a Radio station, with the RJ as usual bickering about unimportant stuff. The usual traffic, pollution and honking going on in the background, didn’t bother me at all. I’m seasoned to Mumbai now. Just then a shiny white car passed by and caught my attention.

“Wow” I thought, “What a Car Man!! I wish I had one, so I could turn on the AC listen to Hotel California and go home in peace without one drop of sweat on my forehead”

As I was fantasizing about my “chauffeur driven dreams” I heard a horn blazing. It was the same dream car. Only difference was the windows were rolled down, and a fat burly man was shouting something incoherent near the window that I was sitting by.

For a second I did not understand what was going on. Then the driver of our bus started shouting too. That’s when I realized both men were shouting obscenities at each other.

“Ah! Men” I said to myself. “They never leave a chance to shout and insult each other do they?”

It had so happened that at the turning the big shiny car driver had cut through the wrong side of the bus and might have lost a little bit of control as our poor unsuspecting driver could not know there was a car on the wrong side.

Now I think  a ground rule here in India is that if u have a white shiny car and a bus, it’s always the bus drivers fault. I thought it was over when both drivers were done shouting obscenities. But no, this shiny car driver almost in Hollywood style swerved his car and brought it at a halt right in front of our bus, screeching tires and all in play here.

Four huge men got down and tried to pull the driver down from the window. Suddenly one of them hit a large wooden stick at the door. The drivers head got saved. Since they could not get the driver out, all of them barged in, the one with the huge stick too. They started beating up our driver black and blue. Dragged him out of the bus and started hitting him with the stick.

Luckily the driver escaped and ran through the bushes near the road, to safety.

I was scared out of my wits and for a minute could not believe what just happened was true. It looked like a typical Bollywood scene where some goonda’s come to beat up an innocent man for no fault of his.

The only smart thing I could do was note down the license plate number of the car and gave it to the security head of our company explaining him the whole incident.

It turns out that it was the car of a politician’s PA, and that lodging a complaint would be fruitless. Luckily the head of security knows this politician personally and will go to his place today. But I don’t think anything at all will be done in this matter, after today.

So in India if you are not a politician or a part of a Bhai Gang (Which is the same anyways) you can beat up innocent people in the middle of the road, take law in your hands and manage to get away with it.

So although the physical pain will go, only thing hurt and bruised that will remain is the bus drivers’ pride and self respect.