The Target – Part 2

23 Feb

“So you purposely miss the bus so you can ride with me everyday, or is this just coincidence?”

 “How did you know? I am planning to cancel my pass so I get a free ride home everyday. You are a genius I must say” she said the sarcasm very crisp in her tone.

 “How sweet of you. Nothing is better than giving you a ride home, but you know we could take a detour to the madras café for a cuppa coffee”

 “Don’t call me sweet, alright and I could use some strong coffee and something to eat I’m famished” 


 “This is Alpha. Suspect is at Madras café. Repeat Suspect is at Madras café. Advise for next action”

 “No action to be taken. Over and out”

 The commander was frustrated. He picked up his private phone and dialled a number.

 “You are just required to follow your orders commander. Since when are you allowed to have your own opinions?”

 “But sir this is the best place we can nab him. He is completely unprotected. I could get him alone if I wanted”

 “It’s a public place for God’s sake commander, what do you plan to do, point a gun at his forehead and take him away? Do you know you could jeopardise the whole purpose of this sensitive operation?”

 “But Sir…” The line went dead.

 “Yeah well what do I know about sensitive operations anyways” he cursed under his breath. There was his target sitting like a tiger’s evening snack, out in the open, and all he could do was look through his binoculars.


 “So do you just sit in Coffee Houses with different girls in your free time, or you have some hobbies?”

 “Oh! sure I do. In my free time I am a part time contract killer. I murder people for money”

 “And what makes you think I am going to believe that? Contract Killer.. Huh”

 “I tell you the truth and you don’t want to believe me. What if you are my next target?”

 “I’m not afraid of you. Besides you are way too handsome to be a killer on the loose” She regretted it the moment she said it.

 “Thank you Maam”

 “Oh stop smirking, I was just kidding, so that you pay the bill and I could go home fast. Its starting to rain see”

 “Yeah well” he sighed, “Women I tell ya…”

 “I think you should come in and change into some dry clothes” she suggested as she hurriedly got off the bike.

 “If you insist”

 He went straight for the bathroom where he frantically searched for his cell phone. “Oh Darn!! It’s in my jacket”

 He quietly opened the door and peeped outside. The jacket was across the room on a chair, she was in the other room. He ran and fished out the device from the inside pocket and hurried back to the bathroom.

 “I’m at the house Charlie. I think I can finish the job today. Tell the men across the street to wait for my signal” he was talking in hushed tones

 “Are you sure about this?”

 “Yes I’m positive, trust me”

 “Sid…….. Where are you?”

 “Umm.. Coming in a minute” He hastily wrapped a towel around his waist and opened the door.

 “You mind giving me some clothes I’m freezing here”

 “He he here you go. I think my brothers clothes are the right size for you”

 He went in the bathroom again. Took the revolver from the cupboard he had hidden it in wore the clothes and came out.

 She was holing a plate of sandwiches and waiting at the table.

 “Hmm… Smells awesome” he said just when the lights went out.


Before they could think about anything a flurry of activity was heard outside the door and then a loud bang.

 “What’s happening?” she screamed.

 “Don’t move he ordered. Stay where you are. And if you want to live just do what I say”

 “What do you mean? I don’t un… understand”

 “Shut up and do as I say”

 “Nobody moves!!” said a loud voice, just when the door opened. 

 “Hands behind your head” another loud voice but from a different direction.

 The lights came on. Four people in the room were pointing guns at each other.

 To be continued…


3 Responses to “The Target – Part 2”

  1. Madhu | March 6, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    Wow ! That was a neat post, but the ‘to be continued..’ irks me 🙂 .

    We have a story writing contest and would love to see you participate. Below are the details :

    INDImag’s Katha Sagar Contest. USD $150/- in Prizes

    Stories have a way of connecting people and touching their hearts. Like a good cup of coffee, a thriller can stimulates one’s senses and linger on far after enjoying it, while at the diametric opposite end of the spectrum, a story that your grandmother narrated to you as a kid, soothed you to sleep and filled you with sweet dreams.

    Stories, like clay, provide an endless medium of possibilities limited only by the author’s imagination. We want to unleash a sea of these stories. Hence Katha Sagar..

  2. Adi March 15, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

    I cant wait for the third apart and here you are takin a month!!!


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