I have been Tagged!!!

18 Jun

Yes yes you heard it right. I have been tagged for the first time ever, and by none other than Preeti Shenoy herself.

When at first I was relatively new to the blog world, I had no idea what being tagged was. (Yeah I know it’s kinda sad…. I’m a slow learner, cant help it 🙂 )

But lately I have been reading a lot and I mean a lot of blogs and I have understood that being tagged is no less than an award. It means people want to know you, people want to read your stuff (however bad you think it is), and most importantly people visit your blog and leave comments hee hee.

And to get tagged by Preeti is such an honour, trust me. I completely adore, and respect and loooooveee her blog….

Thanks a lot Preeti. 🙂

So here goes:

5 things I love about myself:

1. I love the fact that, I can manage to write some good if not great stuff, and that the counter on my blog increases day by day. It’s a real pleasure to know that people agree with you and like what you write.

 2. I love it that I get excited at the smallest pretext of any new thing to do. Be it going on a picnic, or buying a new pair of jeans, anything. My friends tell me that I’m just a 12 year old (or maybe 2 😉 ) in a 24 year olds’ body, and I like it that the child in me is still alive.

3. I love it that in some matters I am more level headed and practical than my elder sister. I don’t mean to brag here but four years of hostel life and then 2 years of living independently has taught me a lot. (Dips if you are reading this, please don’t get mad )

4. Call me boastful or whatever but I love the fact that I looove to read. And like most people who say reading is their hobby, well for me it’s more like an obsession. Just give me anything to read. If I don’t have a novel handy, I will read a newspaper, RD, or even Femina , Filmfare, (and cosmopolitan too 😉 ). But I just can’t live without reading. I also cannot gel with people who say “Uhhh! Who’s gonna read such a thick book. I don’t like reading” Although this thing I don’t exactly love, since you should always try and meet different kinds of people, but since this post is about knowing me more so…..

5. I love the fact that I’m not like a lot of typical girls. What do I mean by typical? Well, the kind that always have matching sandals and handkerchiefs, and eye shadows, and stuff. I love the fact that I have more guy friends that girls, and a lot of them are of the opinion that I should have been a guy. Coz somehow guys find it unusually natural to be their natural swearing, smoking, talking about some hot chick self in front of me. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love the colour pink, but I think thats about it, to the girly stuff that I have in me. (…pssst…. I got 0% in the How Girly are you quiz on Facebook 🙂 )

Phew…. This was a difficult one. It took me more time that writing a short story for Jason’s Contest.

Okay, now I guess I have to Tag some people: (Wait do I have to Tag 5 people or more, since this is about 5 things….. I told you I was an amateur still 😉 )

 I Tag:

 Aditi (I know you quite well, but still, wanna see how you write this one)

Jason (The one who comments here….. You can do it in my comment box if you don’t have a blog)

 Aniket (Want to know more about you)

 Sid (Since you comment regularly on my posts 🙂 )

 Gughanx (Want to know more about you too)

 Sameer (Since you love praising yourself, here’s one more chance 😉 )

 Caught Offside (Since I loved your latest story)

And the rest of you please feel free to do the tag in my comment box if you wish. Consider yourself tagged!!!!


12 Responses to “I have been Tagged!!!”

  1. Sameer June 18, 2009 at 4:04 pm #

    First things first. There’s a difference between “praising oneself” and “stating facts”. It’s only a trait that my interest areas cover theatre, literature, photography, Indian classical music, writing, traveling and cinema, and not my fault that I’ve had first-person involvement in all of these. I know your blog has a serious following, hence, please take back such allegations lest you should have intentions of tarnishing my unspoilt and unadulterated social image. Phhbbbbbt…. I love the expression on your face 🙂

    Now frankly I’m not sure of how one is supposed to react on being tagged, but I’m inclined towards believing that you want me to write 5 things I like about me. As loveable as I am, I can’t really think of that many. I’m more of a what-I-do than a what-I-am kind of a guy. Still, let me try:

    1) Passion: Not sure if it’s coz I’m a scorpion, but I am passionate about almost everything I do (“almost” because sadly I hate my job).

    2) Knowing when to shut up: Being a natural listener and a miser at talking, it’s easy, however at the risk of appearing disinterested (but trust me there isn’t a thing under the sun and the moon that disinterests me).

    3) Go-getting: I usually am successful in following what I want to do. In fact I’ve drawn up this 11-things-I-want-to-do-before-dying list, and damn I’m taking it seriously.

    4) I often have this “I’m philosophizing” expression on my face that, trust me, does more good than bad. Because of this, I’ve earned the reputation of “the sensible one” among my peers. (Gawd those suckers!)

    Please make do with 4. And I somehow deem equally important to list down what I don’t like about myself:

    1) I wish I could speak as good as I write.

    2) I’m not assertive at all.

    3) I’m stuck in the wrong job.

    4) And many more.

  2. Preeti Shenoy June 18, 2009 at 10:01 pm #

    OMG! I am just like you! 🙂 I too LOVE to read (and cannot connect with those who don’t but I never tell them!) I too have only a very few women frineds (Thats why i value them a lot) but guys don’t swear around me and I hate pink. heh heh. And I too, just like you, get excited easily for a lot of things. And I too like people visiting me and reading me. (Who doesn’t?!)
    It was fun reading your list. Thank you for doing it.

    • Amrita June 22, 2009 at 11:49 am #

      If there is anybody to thank its you Preeti. 🙂

      It’s a real pleasure to know that you have similar interests.
      keep visiting. 🙂

  3. Aniket June 20, 2009 at 2:42 pm #

    Hmm.. things I love about myself. Real tough one. Honestly, there’s not much. Apart from the fact that I can talk endlessly on all nonsense subject. I have a lot and I mean a LOTTT of garbage knowledge that I cant apply anywhere like 10 best ways to how to kill people and pass undetected and antigravity cats, etc. etc 😛

    But I’ve done an almost similar tag. Which you can consider yourself tagged, if you wanna do it. 🙂


    Also, I tag you to tell your fantasy crush list. You can find mine here:



  4. Jason June 21, 2009 at 9:54 am #

    thanks for tagging me…ur posts are ‘from the heart’ and point to the right thing always…this is a tough thing to do…to praise myself… 🙂 i’ll try

    1. the first thing that i like about me is i can be friends with anybody…it does not take me long to strike a conversation.

    2. i love this trait of mine to observe people and places around me.

    3. one thing i love about me is that i do not look my age and sometimes that can be beneficial.. 😉

    4. the love it when my friends come to me to confirm answers to any GK related questions….

    5. finally, i love it that i my loved one loves me immensly and that we share a great relationship filled with all sorts of moments that oly make it stronger.. 🙂

  5. SiD June 21, 2009 at 3:51 pm #

    hey good thing to know you are tag…and surprise to see you put my name in there…
    err…can you explain what does tag means???

    sorry for my primitive question…but i am still in stone age of blogging…

  6. Sudip (Caught Offside!) June 21, 2009 at 6:23 pm #

    Thanks a lot Amrita! I feel honoured!

    And now I will have to actually sit down and write 5 true things that I actually LIKE about myself! Oh boy! I am better off writing fictional stories!

    Well, I will try to do that put a post on my blog like you did here as soon as I am able to stare reality in the eye and not deny it! 😉

    Keep writing!

  7. Amrita June 22, 2009 at 12:00 pm #

    @Sameer: Not fair you had to write 5 things. Anyway, good to know stuff that you dont like about urself, that’s a very honest thing u did.

    @Aniket: Will surely do the tag when i get time.

    @Jason: Thanks for the good words. So i take it that you must be interested in quizzes and stuff.

    @Sid: You are supposed to write 5 things that you love/like about yourself, either here or on your blog. And tell 5 more people you know to do the same.

    @Sudip: It’s good to do something different for a change. 😉 Also thanks for visiting 🙂

  8. SiD June 22, 2009 at 10:18 pm #

    hey I finally figured out what it is…


    Do review…and lemme know…


  9. SiD June 22, 2009 at 10:19 pm #

    and yo dear, review and comment on my blog…:P

  10. adi June 23, 2009 at 12:32 pm #

    youre in serious trouble, WHY ME!!! I mean its tough enough having to find 5 things to love about oneself plus where d hell do i FIND the 5 ppl to tag… so much to do…
    hehehe, I am sure I will do it once I do get around to it, so patience my lady… deal?
    Thanks for d tag!

  11. Gughanx August 8, 2009 at 3:40 am #

    Somehow I missed this post of yours, although I read the next one, “And it rains..”

    Thanks for tagging me! Will post my list soon!

    PS: Nice story at Clarity of Night! That was a great contest, no?!!

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