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The Plan …. Part 3 (Post No. 5)

13 May

“Oh! Troubled spirit, come enlighten us …………………….”

 “Oh! Troubled spirit…………………………..”

 “Oh! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! RICKY!!!!!!!!!” Max screamed on the top of his voice.

 “It’s here its here, I can see it” Max was shaking uncontrollably now, as a form started appearing in the bright light.

 “Oh! We’ve awakened him Max!!!! We’ve done it” Rick was trying hard to appear unruffled.

 “It’s c…. coming c… cc… closer Rick”

 They both were trembling now as the form stared to grow larger. It was taking shape of a man, a large man. He had a long beard, and looked like he was floating. They couldn’t see the legs.

 “He doesn’t have legs Rick; look he doesn’t have legs its flying!!!!!!!!!!! I’m getting outta here……. HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!”

 “Max wait for me……. We have to get our stuff”, he started to pick up the stuff.


Ricky came and sat next to Max during lunch the other day. Not a word was exchanged for a long time.

 “I told you I didn’t wanna go to that creepy place. You are suck a jerk Rick” Max blurted.

 “I’m sorry Max, even I was as scared as you.”

 “But look at the brighter side…..” Ricky continued trying to reason with Max.“We were pretty close to talking to the sprit eh?” he nudged Max

 Max’s face turned scarlet with anger. “Not a word about yesterday; get that Rick”

 Ricky hated the fact that they ran out of there like a bunch of squirrels. They should have waited and talked to the spirit. He didn’t like to chicken out of an exciting thing like this. He couldn’t resist the challenge.

 “Hey Max” he said after a long pause.

“Could we just go there, just for the last time?”

 “I’m not putting so much as a toe there Rick, you might as well go alone if you please. Keep me out of this alright”

 “C’mon just one last time please. I promise I’ll never even talk about it again” pleaded Ricky.

 “I hate it when you make that puppy like face Rick, I can’t say no to it, and you know it, you are such a …………”

 “I know I know……. So you’re in for tonight right?” Ricky asked with a big smirk on his face.

 “Yeah” Sighed Max. “Like I have a choice”

 “Great, so see you at 00:00 hrs”

 “Whatever”, Max walked away to his class.


He woke up reluctantly at 11:25 pm and jumped out of his window. He would take two flashlights today. He didn’t want to take any chances tonight. If something went wrong he also had his mom’s knife which she kept under her pillow.

He reached Ricky’s house a bit too late and he was already on his bike waiting.

 “Look we both take the lake road okay. We are in this together” Max ordered

 “Alright. Gosh your face is already white Max. We haven’t even reached there” Rick teased.

 “Get on with it dude or I’m going home” Max was already bored.


 They were hurriedly setting up their stuff again. Max was looking around both flashlights in hand.

Ricky was giggling under his breath.

 “What is it? Why are you giggling?”

 “You actually bought two flashlights” he was laughing now

 “Shut up Rick” he was furious now.

 “Let’s start ok”

 “I’m gonna keep the flashlight on Ok”

 “Oh troubled spirit…….. Talk to us…………. Oh! Troubled spirit we are with you…..”

 Ricky opened his eyes suddenly.

 “Max ….”

 “Oh troubled……..with you…..”

 “MAX!! I think I heard something did you??”

 “No I didn’t, what is it?” Max opened his eyes too

The flashlight went off again.

 “Oh! Shit!!!”

 Ricky took his flashlight, but couldn’t get it switched on.

 “None of them are working Max!!!!!”

 Just then they saw the bright light. It somehow seemed brighter today. They both stared at it speechless; Max because of the fright and Ricky because he was amazed that what he saw yesterday was actually real.

 The shadowy form started appearing again. It was moving with a very fast pace today.

 “Rick he’s coming at us……….” Max stated trembling more horribly.

 The fog started growing thicker. Although Ricky was scared he still managed to keep his cool. He started chanting again.

 “Wh…. Who are you” Rick said suddenly, wanting his voice to appear stern.

 The man or spirit whatever it was, was coming closer.

 “Who are you? Will you talk to us?” Rick tried again

 Just then they heard a loud shriek, and the ground near the tombstone started shaking. Or was it their imagination.

 No the ground was shaking.

 “OH MY GOD RICKY……. WHATS THAT!!!!!!?????” screamed Max.

 A hand started emerging from the ground just when there was another loud shriek………

 Both of them fainted at the same time…………………….


 “Rick, Rick?? Can you hear me?” Someone was calling his name from the distance.

 “Hey man wake up” another different voice this time.

 “Hey look at his face its all white” one more voice and then muffled laughter.

 He opened his eyes to see a lot of people looking at him. Most of them were giggling. Max was also there.

 “Where’s the ghost? Where am I??” Rick was still trembling.

 All of them laughed at once.

 “I told you Mike didn’t I? Now give me my money” Max said with a big grin on his face.

 “What’s going on?” Rick demanded.

  “Aww, nothing poor chap. You see Mike and I had a bet that I could scare you easily.So that’s why we purposefully made Dave here tell you the fake tale about the ghost in the cemetery and you as usual took it as a challenge and I played along” Max was trying hard not to laugh now

 “YOU ARE SUCH A…………… MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M GONNA KILL YOU I SWEAR” Rick got up and ran behind Max.

 An unwanted spectator watched from behind a tree as the boys chatted and laughed their way home, form the cemetery.



Might be continued………………. 😉