The Plan (Post No. 3)

11 May

“Ok so I’ll come over to your place right away”, he whispered into the phone.

 “Yeah make it quick”, came the answer.

 “Okay, I’ll….. Hey I can hear someone coming I gotta hang up… See ya in a while” and the phone went dead.

 He replaced the receiver; quickly came out of the closet kept the phone on the table and ran up the stairs just when the door opened.

 “Hey hey where’s the fire?” she asked.

 “Oh! Mom….. I’m going over to Ricky’s place to finish up our science project”

 “Alright don’t be too late baby, come home before sundown”

“And be careful….. Don’t ride the bike too fast” she added as an afterthought, as he was disappearing into his room.

“Yeah Mom!!!!” Came the customary reply followed by a lot of shuffling and throwing and scrambling.

“When will he ever learn to be clean and organized?” she thought to herself


“So it’s final then? I’ll sneak out at 11.30 pm and give you the regular signal. We reach the meeting place on our own routes. You take the route next to the lake; I take the dirt road from the field.”

 “Yes I think that’s good. We’ll both reach there at 00:00 hrs precisely” Said Ricky.

He always had this annoying habit of stating time in military standards. Why couldn’t he say 12:00 am like normal people?

 “Hey Max are you listening at all?”

 “Huh? Yeah yeah I get it Ricky? Don’t get finicky now, I’ll be there Ok!!”


Max got out of the bed at 11:25pm fully dressed and sneaked out with his small backpack full of equipments they were going to need tonight.

 He stood outside Ricky’s window at exactly 23:30 hours and whistled softly thrice.

Ricky was already getting out of the window before he could even turn on the flashlight which was the next signal in case the first one didn’t work.

 Both of them looked at each other for a split second before taking their own routes.

 His route was scarier than Ricky’s. He was a fool to volunteer for the dirt track, he thought. It was all the more scary at night, although he would never admit to being scared to Ricky.

 He could finally see the gate to their destination and could hear Ricky whistling silently. So he had indeed reached before him. Max cursed under his breath.

 “Hey buddy” sad Ricky his voice almost echoing in the dead silence of the night.

“You are late”

 “Shhh!! You fool”

 “Oh! Who’s gonna hear us dude, we are in a cemetery between dead people, for cryin’ out loud….. hee hee haw haw” Ricky did his awful devilish laugh again.

 “Hey stop it Ricky you are freaking me out more than the cemetery. You wanna go in or bail out. Hope you’re not scared” said Max making a feeble attempt to scare Ricky.

 But there was no stopping Ricky. He was already unloading the stuff from his bike and walking towards the entrance.

 “Hey wait up Rik, I think I heard something”

 “Aww c’mon Man!!! Are you……….” Rik turned around.

 “Rickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!! Watch Out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Behind You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Max screamed at the top of his voice.


To be continued…………………..  🙂


2 Responses to “The Plan (Post No. 3)”

  1. Jason May 11, 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    I wonder who is it??? Chuk it..i wont…i know it will sound ‘Whoa’ in my head when i read it in ur next post…i am a mere mortal…waiting for tomorrow..!!

  2. Aniket May 11, 2009 at 6:56 pm #

    Nice curtain raiser… very well written. 😛

    Waiting to see how it unravels from here. 🙂

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