Just In Time

15 Oct

“Oh no!! Its already 8.40pm, I’m gonna miss the bus today. If only I had left 5 minutes early”, I thought to myself as I was standing in the payment queue of the supermarket.


I regretted my decision of quickly buying some tomatoes and curd, from the supermarket which was right opposite to my workplace so that when I would reach home I could make a nice salad for myself.

The queue seemed to be never ending and was in not in any way moving forward.


8.42 pm: “Damn !!!!” I was certainly not in the mood to take a rickshaw all the way to Karve Nagar, which would cost me Rs.120, and the riskshaw wallah  would want half return for being so kind and taking me to Karve Nagar in his “esteemed” auto.


I silently cursed all the riskshaw wallahs of Pune who would not leave even one opportunity to squeeze out extra money from any customer, and as it was almost the end of the month I was obviously short of cash, so spending so much on and auto and also arguing with the driver was really uncalled for at that moment.


8.44 pm: “God please let the bus be late”, I prayed , although if I would have been standing with all the people just on the other side of the road, waiting for it, I would have been the first one to start complaining about the bad state of the bus service, and bad company policy. It seemed so amazing as to how we change our wishes and demands according to the situation.


“I have been standing here for the last Half Hour cant you see”, I heard some lady saying loudly to  the woman behind her. She certainly had the attention of all the people in the store. It seemed that the woman behind her who just had 2 or 3 things to buy had requested the lady to let her buy the stuff first as she was getting late to go home to her kids who were awaiting her, as she had just a few things to buy comparing with two cart full of groceries that the woman in front of her had.


“I have requested you very politely Maam, that I just have 3 things so you could let me buy them first, so even you could tell me politely”, the 2nd woman said, not once losing her calm.

“Don’t you teach Me how to talk young woman, what do you think of yourself?” the 1st lady had now gained the attention of people waiting outside the door of the store, and she was going overboard with such a petty issue.


Just a minute back I was thinking of requesting a man standing in front of me in the queue to let me go ahead of him as I just had two things. But there were four more people in front of him and there was no way I could have dodged all four. After listening to the row in the adjacent queue it was now out of the question to ask even one person to let me pass. I was happy at least I wasn’t the one on the receiving end of that loud lady.


8.47 pm: Oh great!! The bus was late today, and almost magically the line stated moving forward, although not more than a snail’s pace, but at least it was moving. There was still a slight chance of catching the bus. Just as I was praying that the line move faster I saw a bus on the other side of the road, and the words “Tech Mahindra” written across it. I hoped this would be some other bus, and not the one I wanted to get into.


Looking at my impatience the person standing in front of me asked, “Are you in a hurry?”

“Yes, I am actually”, I said with a bit of apprehension in my voice, “that’s my bus standing across the road and I really don’t wanna miss it”

“Oh then you can go first anyways you just have 2 things to buy” he said.

 “Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it”, I said with a big smile on my face and trying hard to hide my surprise.


But he as if reading my mind said to me, “I know you are surprised, because there are really very few courteous people left in this world”, and bringing his voice down to a whisper, he murmured,

“And let me tell you a secret…. That loud woman standing there….” I looked at her, “She’s my Mother-in-Law.”


My jaw was just about to drop when the guy at the cash counter said, “Fifteen rupees Maam.”


I paid him and rushed to the door, my bus was still there, Thank God!!!


As I turned to look back at that man, he winked at me and shouted “Best of Luck!!!!!”


I gave him a big smile not knowing what to say and ran to catch my bus just in time…….



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