I’m Calling From New York!!

16 Sep

“Hello, can I talk to Radha?”

“Yes who’s this?”

“Is Radha there? I’m calling from New York”

“Yes she’s there whom shall I say is calling?”

“Oh! Tell her I’m calling from New York”

Now I decided to irritate this lady on the phone.

“Okay I’ll tell her your name is I’m calling from New York?” I suppressed a giggle.

The woman on the other line was getting impatient. “If she’s not at home, I’ll call later”

“Oh no just hold on, I’ll pass her the phone, just wanted to ask your name though”, I pressed further, but then decided it was enough for the inflated ego of an Indian living in America, or should I say a wannabe American.

Before your mind starts racing in crazy directions, let me make it very clear that I’m not a member of Al Qaeda or any anti American terrorist squad (lolz). I’m just an Ordinary Indian, with extraordinary love for my country, and lots of grudges against Indian’s settled in America.

I’m not saying the so called NRI’s or Green card holders are all bad people, or that they do not have a right to choose their lifestyle. But there is one thing common in all the Indians settled abroad(especially in the US of A) and that is an unusual sense of pride. It seems as if settling in America becomes a part of their identity at some point in life. It’s a part of all the formal introduction processes, especially on their yearly (read obligatory) trip to India.

“Hi I’m Rajeev, I stay in NJ”

“Hey, you should come settle in Washington, it’s amazing you’ll never wanna come back”

No thanks mister!!! Don’t they realize that if all of the people go to America, it’ll start becoming like the India that they so much hate? All crowded and filthy like they call it. So we are all doing you a favour and keeping your USA clean.

One thing I always wonder is why don’t they feel this sense of pride for their own country. They will support Brazil, Argentina, Manchester United, and call Rugby as Football, but when it comes to cricket or hockey, or Gilli Danda, they will shy away from even discussing that subject. 

Last year when I had two months of free time on my hands I was lucky enough to travel to Dubai and Muscat. The trip will be one of the most memorable one in my life for sure, but after a couple of weeks, I started missing India (which I thought I never would). I missed the crowds, the narrow lanes, the friendly ganna juice tapri, the paani puri. Its not like you cant have Paani puri in Dubai, but u have to go to a place called “Little India” and the paani puri wala wears gloves and pours the “Paani” made from Bisleri water of course with a spoon, and the taste is nowhere close to the roadside thela in Vallabbaugh Lane (For those who don’t know its in Ghatkopar Mumbai).

When I finally took a flight home at the end of 2 months, I actually felt like kissing the “Zameen”, My Motherland (and I am not at all exaggerating). I’m not trying to prove my patriotism, but getting off that plane and the feeling of homecoming was nothing like I had ever experienced before.

So all you guys and gals, think twice before making your dreams come true in US of A, for your Mother India promises of even more than you dreamt of.



One Response to “I’m Calling From New York!!”

  1. Abhisek September 16, 2008 at 3:24 pm #

    Good one !!

    so who was the one on the other side of the call ?? shall we get a sequel to this ?? i hope yes !!


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