19 Aug


He was so tired of his routine and boring life. Living in the same place since so many years, there was absolutely nothing exiting about his life anymore. The same old home the same office, the same schedule…

Life had become so monotonous, for him, till that day…..


That day, when she came to live at Mayfair Apartments. Her arrival gave a new much required change to the whole society, it seemed. Suddenly everybody wanted to get to know her more. Not only was she attractive but there was a pleasant charm about her, which was a head tuner everywhere she went.


How he wished to talk to her, to be close to her. It was as if life had finally started to give in to all his wishes. He woke up every morning with a new zeal, a mission, to just get one look at her before going to work. One look at her and the whole day would go on smoothly, so much was his love for her.


But would he ever get to talk to her? He was just an ordinary guy, from an ordinary family. He would go unnoticed anywhere he went. He never really knew his parents, the only family he had were his caretakers, or was that just a mild word to describe them. They ‘drove him to the wall’, sometimes literally. But that was another story, and she would have nothing to do with his background, or would she?? And she was certainly very rich, anyone could guess that. He had heard a lot of guys saying she was very “High Maintenance”, not that he knew what it meant, but what difference did that make?


It was that pleasant evening in June when his life changed forever. That evening she talked to him for the first time in the parking lot. Oh! Her sweet melodious voice, those beautiful eyes, with a naughty ‘shine’ to them.

They met everyday after that, whenever they could. They had some spark, he was sure; he knew this was going somewhere.

Sometimes they would bump into each other on the streets or on a traffic signal, and gaze at each other till they time they realized that both of them were blocking considerable amount of traffic. Life was so beautiful with her around.


It took him six months to muster up the courage to finally tell her how he felt for her. Tonight was the night,

And he was pretty convinced that he would tell her, come what may.


So he waited for her in the parking lot, their favorite place, as it was very discreet and private and he could be sure nobody would be able to eve’s drop on their conversation.


He was rehearsing, what he would say to her when he saw the headlights. When she came near him she looked very low and depressed. “Something wrong?” he asked. ‘So much for the well rehearsed dialogues’, he thought to himself. He had spent hours pondering over the right things to say to her, and his script was all falling apart now.

“Hey Merci, what’s wrong, you look sad?” he tried again.

“Oh! It’s nothing, really”, she replied.

“You can tell me, ya know”

“Well if you insist… my owners, they are planning to sell me off, and buy another….” and she broke down.


The world was spinning around him, how could they do that to her and to him. Things had just started to look up for him. Life was not at all fair. He felt so lifeless as if someone had taken all the air from his system.

All his friends had started to get jealous of him. No no this can’t be, he kept on saying in his head. He knew this was the best thing that could ever happen to him, and he would never ever find a girl like her…..


After all how often did a “Maruti 800” get a “Mercedes Benz” as his girlfriend?



One Response to “Lifeless”

  1. Abhisek Mohanty August 19, 2008 at 7:56 pm #

    Now having read this earlier didnt make any difference to the excitement dat it created. Second time it was even better.
    but i suppose this time the feedback is different.

    welcome to blogging world. Hope u enjoy it

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