One in a Zillion

8 Aug

“It’s 2008!!! ”

“You don’t Blog???? ”

“Everybody does!!”

These were some of the usual reactions I used to get from my friends when they discovered that I didn’t care to start a blog for myself.
“As if it’s like illegal or something”, I used to say.

But I finally gave in to their insistence or I would rather say forcing at gunpoint and became a member of the all famous ‘Blogging’ clan.

It’s not easy as some people might think. With almost half of the world already into the activity and the other half like me joining in every day in tens and thousands; choosing a name for your blog becomes one hell of a task.

I am a person for whom choosing an e-mail Id seemed to be a very intellectual process, but little did I know about the blogging world where it’s even more difficult.

First you have to try to think of a name that suits your personality (or rather the personality you want to portray 😉 ) and believe me that takes more time since you have to actually find a good name he he..
You can finally think of a name say writestuff.wordpress (that’s what i tried) and the computer immediately tells you that its already reserved.
That’s such a common name you console yourself, and then go on finding cool sounding names for your blog.

After 15 such attempts on my part when the computer just refused to accept any name that I finally gave up thinking this blogging business is not for me.
“Maybe it’s a bad omen” I said to one of my friends (The most insisting of the lot) thinking that it would procrastinate them to force me to start one.
She gave me a look that would make Osama bin laden scared.
“Okay, I’ll try again”, I assured her very scared myself.

I typed in the URL again today and Hey Presto!!! My oldest username for yahoo came to my rescue.

I was jumping with joy literally, not because I had finally created a blog but because I was still unique, I was still One in a Zillion. 🙂


2 Responses to “One in a Zillion”

  1. Chinmay Dharwadkar August 19, 2008 at 5:48 am #

    Sorry! I posted my comment on the about section!

    anyways here it is!!

    Hi Amrita,
    Nice article!! keep posting!!!


  2. Aditi September 8, 2008 at 11:12 am #


    see i told you your gud ol amsko will work! 😉
    gr8 post!

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